Name tag and Pentacost Art

For Cybersmart, We made a name tag in google drawing by using curve lines and writing our names with it. I used the color blue and mint which is my favourite color. We also used this technique to create a Pentecost art.

Here is my art.

What color would you choose for your name tag?






































































































































































































































2 thoughts on “Name tag and Pentacost Art

  1. Hello Stella,
    I love your amazing art. Very nice. I dont know why but why is there a very big gap between the post and the comments? My name tag will be of course purple.
    From Imogen

  2. Kia Ora Stella!
    How are you?
    That is a really nice piece of art you made! Did you use curve or polyline?
    I know that you are korean so, what does your name translate to in korean?
    Also, do you know why there is a humongous gap between your name and the comment section?

    From Koby.

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