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New Brighton Mural

In Room 1 we have been learning about art. After the New Brighton art trip from term 2, we created a mural with things that represent New Brighton.

I made a mural with Imogen, Despina.

I liked this activity because we could be creative with the mural.

Here is our mural.

What else could you add to this mural?

Would you like to do this?


This is Imogen and Despina’s blog. Check it out!


Reading hotspot

At reading, we had a hotspot and there was activities about swimming.

We also read a text about Dame Sophie Pascoe and Sir Edmund Hillary.

The tasks had interesting activities and I had fun time doing it.

I did a good job with working with my buddy and answering the questions about Sopie Pascoe.

Maybe next time I might reads some more books at reading time.

Here is my hotspot and my work:


Is there anything you could add to my pool rules?

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