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Maui The Sun Catcher 🌞

This week we have been looking at Maui the sun catcher story.

We had to watch videos, answer questions and do some tasks related to the story.

We had to make a scene from the story.

Here is my sun scene.

I did this on sumo paint. It was hard to draw it because I had to drag it.

Would you do your sun on paper or on an app?

New Brighton Mural

In Room 1 we have been learning about art. After the New Brighton art trip from term 2, we created a mural with things that represent New Brighton.

I made a mural with Imogen, Despina.

I liked this activity because we could be creative with the mural.

Here is our mural.

What else could you add to this mural?

Would you like to do this?


This is Imogen and Despina’s blog. Check it out!


Winter Sports

This Winter we have been doing winter sports. I have been doing table tennis in grace vineyard with my table tennis team. In my group there was Imogen, Koby, Isa, Brenna and Lillia.

I enjoyed doing table tennis because I liked doing it with my friends.

We could play board games, do air hockey and watch trick shot videos.

Thank you Pearl for teaching us and taking us to table tennis on fridays.

We appreciate your support.

Do you like sports?

Rugby Visit 🏉

On the 1st of August, we were lucky to have some rugby players coming to our school! They were Billy, Rameka, Sars and Brook. They were from the Canterbury rugby team. We got to ask some questions and the answers.

My favourite sport is basketball. 🏀

What’s your favourite sport and why?

Dancing Like The Stars 🌟

On the 23rd of June, we performed in the James Hay Theatre in the city!

We have been practising a contemporary jazz dance for about 9 weeks.

Our instructor was Sandy and she was an awesome teacher.

I was really excited and nervous when we got to the theatre.

We had to perform with bare feet!

My favourite part was watching other schools performing.

It was a great opportunity to do ”dancing like the stars.”

It was really fun and I want to do it again!

Do you like dancing?

Awesome Duffy Books📚

Today, a special guest came to our School!

Ray Bishop, he is a singer and came to our school as a duffy role model.

He talked about how dreams can come true and we can learn many things from books.  He sang a song for us and it was amazing! It’s called  ”Nothing is Impossible”.   Here is a link about the song. Click

This is the other song that I liked.

I got a graphic novel and a chapter book.

The books have been given by the government and the Avonhead Rotary.

Here is me reading the book.

I love reading!

Thank you to the government, the Avonhead Rotary and Ray!


Fun Run 2023🏃

On Thursday this week, we had a fun run for the whole school.

There was the gauntlet course which had small obstacles and there were parents throwing balls at the end!

On the second course, it had nets that we had to crawl under, hay bales and huddles.

The third was the cross country course which we had to run around the cross country course. We had to run the course 3 times in a limited time.

On the first course, I ran 4 times and the second course I ran 5 times.

Next, we searched for a tennis ball that was hidden in the domain.

I found none. Pompallier had the most tennis balls.

Next was the colour run.

The parents and the teachers sprayed dye paints on us!

I had  paint all over my clothes and  shoes.

My favourite was the colour run.

Here are the photos.

Are you good at running?

Forgiving 2023

This week, we have been learning about forgiving others.

We had to fill in a template about steps to forgive.

I think it’s very important to think about who you’re forgiving and what they did to you.

Here is my work.

What do you think is the most important step to forgive?

Name tag and Pentacost Art

For Cybersmart, We made a name tag in google drawing by using curve lines and writing our names with it. I used the color blue and mint which is my favourite color. We also used this technique to create a Pentecost art.

Here is my art.

What color would you choose for your name tag?