Jonah a fishy tale

In Term 3 we did a very exciting play called Jonah a fishy tale.

It was about the story of Jonah but a little bit different.

Our WORM 1 class did Sunbathing and the play went very well!

The only thing I wanted was about the lights.

The lights were so bright that I couldn’t see the audience very well.

The audience of our play was our parents and my parents came too!

I was a bit nervous about the play but it was really fun.

Here is a photo of me and my group.

I’m the girl with the blue bucket hat.

I hope we do another play again!

One thought on “Jonah a fishy tale

  1. Hi Stella,
    Great blog post 👍. I agree with the last thing you said in your blog post which was I hope we do another play again, cause that was very fun doing dances and singing songs, Maybe next time we can do it together.
    What was your favourite song?


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