Summer Learning Journey- My Curiosity rover

Today, I did an activity on the Summer Learning Journey.

I liked the activity because it was about my favourite thing, Space!

We got to design our own curiosity rover for exploring Mars.

Mine looks just like a normal rover.

It’s called Marcy!

It has solar Panels and it charges its battery from the sunlight.

It has wheels and camera lense.

What will your rover be called?

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey- My Curiosity rover

  1. Kia ora Stella,

    That’s a very clever name for your rover! I like how it’s a play on Mars. I might call mine ‘Marsha’ 😂It would have been cool to see some labels on your rover to describe what each function does and is used for. It’s very neatly drawn. I like the colours and how clear it is. Ka pai!

    What will Marcy the rover be doing on Mars?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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