Week 5&6 Samoa reading hotspot

At week 5&6 we did a hotspot about Samoa because It was Samoa language week!🇼🇸

There were lots of fun activities like making our own Samoa patterns and researching facts about Samoa, and Samoa word finds.

My two favourite activities were researching facts about Samoa and making our own Samoa patterns.

Here is my work.


One thing I could to better is maybe add more details on my Samoan facts.

And here is some easy samoan greetings.

  • Hello Talofa
  • Please Fa’amolemole
  • Thank you Fa’afetai
  • Goodbye Tofa soifua
  • Yes Ioe
  • No Leio

Do you know a Samoa greeting?

One thought on “Week 5&6 Samoa reading hotspot

  1. Talofa Stella,
    Well done on completing your hot spot and sharing your learning about Samoa. I really like the repetitive patterns you have done on your art. An interesting fact I know about Samoa is there are more Samoans that live outside the country than in it. Would you like to go to Samoa one day? I would!
    Mrs Hamilton

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