Could we live in space? KWL

This week we are working on a slide called could we live in space?

I was really excited because space is my favourite thing to learn.

We made a KWL (What I know, What I think I know and What I want to learn)

I had big book about space so it was easy for me to do this activity.

I really like this activity because I got to share lots of ideas to the class.

Here is my KWL.


Is there anything you can add to my KWL?

One thought on “Could we live in space? KWL

  1. Hi Stella K! I’m Lottie from New Brighton Catholics RM 9. I absolutely loved this post, this is because of the way you answered the boxes. I can see that you’ve put this task through a very thorough thinking stage. If there is anything you should add; you didn’t do so well on grammar. But I definitely liked the questions you asked.

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